Our Message to the Community

Promises Made. Promises Kept and Exceeded.

The DMC is a community built on care and is proud to serve the city of Detroit.

Summary of  DMC's Commitment to the City of Detroit

  • Exceeded Capital Expenditures
    Routine Capital Expenditures $350M commitment has not only been met but exceeded.
    Specified Capital Project Expenditures $500M commitment was exceeded by $44.5M.
Specified Capital By Project
Project Predicted Cost Actual Cost
Capital Building Program$ — $151,796
Children’s Pediatric Specialty Center $33,130,741 $43,143,437
Children’s Tower $174,371,702 $173,645,176
CVI Heart Hospital $111,801,273 $125,845,069
DRH Inpatient Unit Renovations $20,674,225 $21,084,361
DRH OR with Pre/Post Op $8,369,469 $8,445,205
Harper ED Expansion $3,431,485 $10,759,609
Harper Surgery Expansion $22,898,330 $25,889,327
Harper Unified Lobby $10,681,709 $15,951,509
Harper Ground Floor Master Plan Total $13,938,968 $13,723,284
Harper Unit Renovations 9WS and 5BS $6,681,099 $7,063,619
HVSH ICU $3,715,716 $3,684,756
HVSH Patient Care Renovation $6,982,526 $5,939,061
RIM 6th Floor Renovation $5,641,008 $5,486,451
Sinai Grace ED ICU $77,681,749 $83,701,587
Total All Projects: $500,000,000 $544,514,248

  • Honored Commitment to Provide Under-served and Low Income Care
    Total charity and uncompensated care from 2015 – 2017 averaged $101M per year. The total for 2018 was $121M. 
  • Improved Commitment to Medical Education
    •  DMC employed and trained over 1,000 residents and fellows during the 2017 – 18 academic year.
    • DMC is the Sponsoring Institution for more than 100 GME training programs.
    • We added 79 new residency slots.
    • DMC had 3,649 Nursing students taking clinical rotations in 2018.
    • DMC, with more than 50 academic partners and access to numerous specialty areas, provides a wide range of clinical experiences for Nursing students.
  • Exceeded Supplier Diversity Requirements
    DMC exceed set goals in all employment categories on Specified Capital projects agreement.
  • Improved Commitment to Clinical Research 
    Since the inception of the purchase agreement, research studies have grown from over 900 studies annually to now more than 1,100 studies.

“As a physician and member of the Detroit community, I have paid close attention to the Detroit Medical Center’s commitment to the residents of Detroit. While there have been significant changes in ownership and leadership over the years, facets of the DMC that have remained consistent and apparent are its ever-present focus on community outreach and providing access to all. I have also been pleased with how DMC oversees its efforts to continually improve itself in areas such as patient safety and quality and its intense desire to achieve good patient outcomes by applying industry best practices. Through the years, it has been my sincere pleasure to work directly with DMC leadership on efforts to collaborate with community-based focus groups, advisory councils, its board members and the region’s business leaders. To me, these actions demonstrate DMC’s strong and enduring commitment to Detroit and the communities it serves.”

— Reverend Jimmy Womack, MD
Co-Pastor, St. John St. Luke United Church of Christ, Assistant Minister of Health & Wellness, Plymouth United Church of Christ