DMC Vendor Policies and Compliance Program

Detroit Medical Center
Compliance Office

Dear Business Associate,

The Compliance Office under the direction of Donna O'Conner, Vice President and Regional Compliance Officer, is responsible for ensuring adherence to applicable Federal, state, and local laws, as well as myriad health care regulations. The expectation of compliance is extended to our vendor relationships………

As a DMC vendor, you are required to understand and act in accordance with the vendor rules outlined in the policies, Code of Conduct, and education modules during the course of you conducting business with the DMC.


Vendormate is a solution to effectively capture, credential, and monitor critical business and individual vendor information.

Vendormate - Quick Reference Chart

Vendor Giving Program

Vendor Disclosure Form (Attachment #4)

•You must have a completed form on file with the DMC

•Periodically review the submitted information to meet your continuous obligation, and update if necessary

•Submit electronically or by faxing to (313) 745-7929.

 Contractor Environmental Briefing (Attachment #5) 

•Explains the DMC's commitment to the Environment

•This information must be communicated to all contractor personnel. The term contractor includes, contractors, subcontractors, and all vendors.

Education Modules

 •Provides key information you will need to understand your responsibilities while on DMC premises.

•These modules should be utilized to train and educate your employees and contractors, including subcontractors. .

The Compliance Department may be reached at 313.993.6155

DMC Vendor Policies

2 MRMPRO 607 Relationship to Vendors

Attachment 1 Vendor Rep Letter of Understanding

Attachment 2 Vendor Guidelines

Attachment 3 Group Purchasing Statement of Activity

Attachment 4 Vendor/ Supplier Disclosure Form

Attachment 5 Contractor Environmental Briefing

Attachment 6 DMC Supplier Diversity

Attachment 8 Vendor Confidentiality Agreement

Attachment 9 Vendor Requirements For Conduct In The Operating Room And Invasive Procedure Suites

Attachment 10 Vendor Employee Screening

MRM 003 - Solicitation of Vendors by DMC Employees

MED 209 - Pharmaceutical Representatives


Tenet Standards of Conduct

Education Modules

Environment of Care


DMC Smoking Cessation

Service Technician Orientation

Service Technician Test

Construction Contractor Orientation

Construction Contractor Test

Emergency Codes

Compliance Contacts

DMC Food Management

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