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Brain Tumor Surgery: Skull Base Neurosurgery at DMC

DMC Neurosurgeon performs delicate brain surgery to remove a tumor pressing on a pateint's optic nerve.

Brain Tumor Surgery: Skull Base Neurosurgery at DMC


When she began to experience some facial swelling, Mary Eide went to her doctor. Tests for sinus or dental problems had no result, but later, when she began to experience tremors and memory loss, she knew something was very wrong. An MRI revealed that Mary had a vascular hormonal meningioma – a tumor on her brain. She was referred to Doctor Mark Hornyak, a neurosurgeon who specializes in issues affecting the lower part of the skull.


This very complex area is where arteries enter the brain with oxygen and nerves leave to serve very basic functions of the face and neck.


Mary’s tumor was the size of a golf ball, and it was located in a very difficult location, where access was complicated. It was growing around and pressing on her optical nerve. It was not cancerous, but it was threatening her sight and could become cancerous in time. Surgery was indicated, and there was a 50% chance that Mary could lose her vision.


Her procedure was extremely delicate. Dr. Hornyak would remove the tumor without entering the brain covering by lifting the brain away, then doing a more typical brain surgery, carefully avoiding the brain, the arteries and the nerves clustered in this small space. After 14 hours in surgery, Mary did very well. Her scar has healed, and her symptoms are mostly gone.


“I’m doing really good…I get tired, but I’m doing really good. I came from a small town so I was scared when I went into a big hospital, but it was a really good experience. The care was excellent…the doctors, everyone were so helpful and cheerful. It’s almost like being in a family.”


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