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The Organ Transplant Center at Harper University Hospital is known for performing successful kidney transplants in the highest-risk patients. At Harper, an expert team of transplant specialists use sophisticated, life-saving techniques that often lead to improved patient outcomes.
Consider the facts:

According to US Transplant Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, the Harper Transplant Program is a kidney transplant program in Southeast Michigan currently achieving one-year patient and graft survival rates equal to or exceeding those expected based on risk profile.

The Transplant Program at Harper has performed ten renal transplants in HIV+ recipients with excellent outcomes. The program became the first to report a low incidence of acute rejection in these patients.

Harper was the first to report equivalent outcomes with primary and retransplantation in African-American deceased-donor renal allograft recipients receiving contemporary immunosuppression.

The Harper Transplant Program offers both living- and deceased-donor kidney transplantation. The transplant team recognizes the complex needs of transplant donors and recipients — both before and after surgery — and is recognized for its medical expertise and caring manner. Additionally, the Organ Transplant \ Center is a central resource for all transplant-related issues.

For an appointment, a second opinion or more information, please call 1-888-DMC-2500.
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