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Dr. James Spears - DMC Cardio Team One


Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Twitter
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Twitter ( for our live coverage of a Birmingham Hip™ Resurfacing procedure.

View photos from the surgery

Learn more about Birmingham Hip™ Resurfacing

Thanks to all of those on Twitter who had followed our live Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery chat.  Special thanks to the following on Twitter for passing on the word through retweets (RTs) before, during, and after the chat: @caliente1908 @cstineman @DanFuoco @deliverawaydebt @DMC_Rehab @ericbrody @HarperHutzel @Juanatalavera @juliomayol @KStreet @MIWomensForum @PositiveCities @rabelyperez @stephaniethum @zakwalsh

The chat was covered by our team: @DMC_HuronValley @DMC_Heals @HFDigest @Jespy @SmithNephewMI

Click here for the press release and more information about the live surgery.

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