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Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care - Children's Hospital of Michigan

Deciding whether to take your child to an emergency room or urgent care can save you time and Some common childhood non-emergencies that can be treated at an urgent care facility - 53 k

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Emergency Hospital Detroit OBGYN Emergency Hospital Southfield Stroke Emergency Hospital Emergency Room Emergency Doctors Emergency Specialists - Sinai Grace

Emergency Hospital Detroit, OBGYN Emergency Hospital, Southfield Stroke Hospital. DMC Sinai-Grace Emergency Center is a state-of-the-art, 59,000 squart feet Level II Trauma Center providing Emergency Medical Services 24/7. Cardio Team One is specialized in treating heart attacks and strokes in less time than the national average. - 36 k

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ITEM: DMC Central Campus Snow Removal Services The Detroit Medical Center, hereinafter referred to as ("DMC"), represented by it’s Contract Administration Department as the Snow Removal Services.doc - 209 k

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Express Care - Sinai Grace

Sinai-Grace Express Care is similar to an urgent care center that treats patients who have an injury or illness that requires immediate care but is not serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency department. - 28 k

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If retired, how long and from what job [ ] Yes [ ] No Do you read English Do you use tobacco in any form Have you been to the Emergency Room in the last 3 months DIABETES EDUCATION PROGRAM.doc - 105 k

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Day 19: Cardio Team One - Detroit Medical Center

DMC Profile News Room Quality & Safety Maps and Locations Contact Us Careers Event in only a few minutes to heart attack symptoms in patients arriving at the Emergency Room - 251 k

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Fireworks Safety - Children's Hospital of Michigan

8,600 individuals are treated in the emergency rooms yearly due to fireworks injuries This may lead to even more Keep a bucket of water handy in case of a fire or other emergency - 51 k

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Urgent Care - Detroit Medical Center

DMC Employee E-mail « Back to DMC Health Library Kids Health Library - CHM DMC Care Urgent Centers are a cost saving alternative to the hospital emergency room - 23 k

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About Children's Hospital - Children's Hospital of Michigan

About Us|Healthcare Professionals|Careers|Donate Current ER Wait pediatric patients, from our kid-friendly emergency room, to our inpatient facilities with features Press Room - 50 k

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Sports Medicine ER-express - Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital

Get prompt ER treatment for your sports injury at Huron Valley Hospital in Commerce, MI, and a follow up with the same orthopaedic specialists treating Detroit’s pro athletes from the Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings. - 35 k

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