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Reshaping the DMC

Vanguard’s commitment to Detroit is the single largest private investment in the city’s history and will total $850 million in capital improvements, making DMC more competitive locally and nationally. Together, we will build a world-class healthcare center in southeast Michigan.

Investing $43 Million
Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Specialty Center – Detroit

Completed 6/2012
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Invested $7 Million
DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Expanding Private Patient Rooms - Completed 10/2011
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Investing $77 Million
DMC Heart Hospital
First Class Facility for First Class Specialty Care

Investing $78 Million
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital
Dramatic Upgrades to More Than Double ED
Treatment Space

Investing $34 Million
DMC Heart Hospital and
Outpatient Specialty Building
 Parking Deck

Investing $10 Million
DMC Harper University Hospital, DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital - Unified Lobby
Enhanced Reception and Patient Information Areas

Investing $23 Million
DMC Harper University Hospital and
DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital
Expanded State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms

Investing $7 Million
DMC Harper University Hospital
Unit Renovations

Investing $8.4 Million
DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital
Expanded State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms


Employment Information for DMC Capital Building Program Projects
This page contains tools and information about how to participate in Capital Building Program projects.

Capital Building Program Updates
(last updated 2/20/14)
This page is updated whenever important information becomes available. It contains the latest information regarding Capital Building Program projects and schedules.  

Vendor Prequalification Link 
Click this link to learn how to become a Prequalified Vendor to participate in the Capital Building Program.  You can also visit this link to view a current listing of prequalified vendors.

View and Respond to a RFQ/RFP
Prequalified Vendors can click this link to access current RFQ and RFP information and documents for upcoming construction projects. 




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DMC Heart Hospital Groundbreaking/Construction

DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital

DMC Harper-Hutzel Hospital

DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital Groundbreaking/Construction

DMC Children's
Hospital of Michigan

DMC Rehabilitiation Institute
of Michigan


Projects Initiated 01/04/2011 by DMC 

Event Photos & Video -1/04/2011

Capital Building Program Projects/
Prequalified Vendors


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