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Rapid Influenza A/B Assay for Physicians

DMC University Laboratories (DMCUL) is offering a FDA approved Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test (RIDT) as a primary screen for detection of Influenza A and B. The DMCUL has recently switched from the Remel Xpert RIDT to the Quidel QuickVue RIDT. The sensitivity of the Quidel QuickVue RIDT ranges from 72-94% in detecting seasonal influenza. The sensitivity in detecting novel Influenza A including SwineH1N1 is 69% (1). The Quidel QuickVue RIDT has the specificity in identifying Influenza A and B at 90-99%.

Specimens must be transported only in viral transport medium. DMCUL has validated the use of the Meridian Viral Transport Media. The following media are not compatible (i.e., The BD Universal, M4-3, M4-RT, Copan UTM, Liquid Amies-D, Amies Clear, Modified Stuart’s and gel-based transport media). No other media are compatible for this testing. The following are acceptable specimens:

  • Nasal Swab - Swab specimens should be collected only on swabs with a synthetic tip and an aluminum or plastic shaft. Swabs made of calcium alginate, swabs with cotton tips and swabs with wooden shafts are not acceptable.
  • Nasopharyngeal Swab
  • Nasal Aspirate
  • Nasal Wash Specimens

Specimens should be tested as soon as possible. Test results are available as follows:

  • Specimens received before 6 pm, results are available within 2 hours of receipt
  • Specimens received after 6 pm, results are available by 8 am on the following day

Positive results will be called to the physicians. 

Please note that a positive Quidel QuickVue RIDT result for Influenza A does not distinguish amongst Influenza A subtypes such as novel Influenza A, and the seasonal Influenza A (H1N1,H3N2). Negative results do not exclude influenza virus infection and further testing may be warranted. Clinicians can contact the following sources for information:


  • Test Name: Influenza A & B Ag EIA 
  • Test Code: 318683

Technical inquiries: 
DMCUL Virology Laboratory from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm (313) 993-0710
DMCUL Microbiology Laboratory After 3:00 pm (313) 993-0700

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