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I-Uni Partial Knee Replacement

What is partial knee replacement?
Your knee consists of three “compartments” or sections. Partial knee resurfacing, also called partial knee replacement, offers a bone-preserving option for those affected with osteo-arthritis in only one or two compartments. Rather than replace all three compartments, partial knee replacement procedures target only those compartments affected by the disease. In a unicompartmental knee replacement, only the damaged compartment is replaced with metal and plastic. The healthy cartilage and bone in the rest of the knee is left alone.

DMC Orthopaedic Specialists are the state leaders in a unique new procedure to resurface the knee joint, preserving more bone for the patient.

Personalized partial knee replacement
DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital orthopedic doctors Mark Kwartowitz and Ron Lederman are the first surgeons in Michigan to use the Conformis I-Uni™ partial knee replacement system, a new technique which allows them to implant custom-made parts, rather than replacing the entire knee joint. Unicompartmental knee replacement can prove to be clinically challenging but with the advanced technology the iUni™ system offers, the guess work of finding the right placement and size of the implant is eliminated,” said Dr. Lederman. “With the iUni, each implant is custom made to fit the patient, allowing the opportunity for a minimally invasive procedure that enables rapid recovery and shortened rehabilitation time.” 

Benefits of personalized partial knee replacement
Personalized partial knee replacement offers unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement options. Because the device is created specifically for you, the implants exactly mirror the surface contours of your knee, providing far more bone preservation. The implants also provide an anatomic fit with less bone cutting than traditional options. This leads to less bleeding during surgery, less pain, faster recovery time and often better range of motion and function.

Features of iUni unicompartmental replacement:
  • manufactured for each patient, based on their individual anatomy
  • minimally invasive, minimally traumatic procedure
  • bone and cartilage preserving
  • appropriate for young and active patients
  • potential for less post-operative pain and shorter post-operative recovery
  • preserves the ability to move to other treatment options in the future
Melody Borghi is an I-Uni partial knee replacement patient. She had a total joint replacement on her right knee two years ago. Recently, she had a partial knee replacement on her left knee, experiencing the difference first-hand. “I had more pain (with the first replacement) and longer. My reflexes or my movement wasn’t as good as the partial knee replacement,” she describes.

For more information about these procedures and DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital’s orthopedic surgeons, call 888-DMC-2500.
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