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March 27, 2014- DMC Cardiovascular Surgeon Uses New Device to Treat Peripheral Arterial Disease

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Cardiovascular Institute’s Dr. Mahir Elder is the first in southeast Michigan to use a new, state-of-the-art device for treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

On Thursday, February 27, Dr. Elder used this advanced catheter and crown for removing plaque (atherectomy) to help treat a patient with limb-threatening PAD. The patient was facing a potential lower limb amputation, which statistics show lead to a one-year mortality rate in 50 percent of patients. During a two-hour, minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Elder was able to restore blood flow to this patient’s lower limb, saving their leg.

The Diamondback 360’s new 4 Fr. compatible 1.25 mm Micro Crown has a smaller, more tapered sheath; more flexible shaft; and a smaller profile than its predecessors. This design allows physicians to treat harder to reach areas using CSI’s Orbital Atherectomy System (OAS) technology while taking advantage of the lower 4 Fr. profile benefits such as smaller incisions, less chance for infections, less bleeding and shorter closure time for patients.

”The use of new technology to improve patient safety and results for less-invasive endovascular procedures contributes to our ongoing commitment to innovation in heart health,” said Dr. Elder. “With our new heart hospital opening in August, we look forward to expanding our use of leading-edge techniques to benefit the communities we serve.”

The Diamondback 360 Peripheral OAS uses a patented combination of differential sanding and centrifugal force to reduce arterial plaque, including calcium, which can cause complications when treating PAD. Calcium is present in about 65 percent of the 2.5 million people diagnosed annually with PAD and leads to poor outcomes and higher treatment costs when traditional balloon and stent therapies are used—including dissection, vessel wall trauma and stent fracture. The new low-profile 1.25 mm Micro Crown offers a treatment option for physicians that allows them to access smaller and tighter vessels in the lower leg, ankle and foot.

Dr. Elder is a world-renowned expert in peripheral arterial disease and is the single highest volume operator in southeast Michigan, performing thousands of successful limb salvage cases.
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