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 Page 1 of 438, items 1 to 10 of 4376.
 Page 1 of 438, items 1 to 10 of 4376.
Why You Need Flexibility Exercises
Some joints lose up to half their motion with age, expert says
Assessing Health Issues of Child Refugees
Medical profiles of newly arrived children are important for treatment, researcher says
Buckle Up in the Backseat, Experts Advise
About 400 deaths a year might be prevented if more people wore rear seatbelts
Bullies May Face Higher Odds of Eating Disorders: Study
Risk of anorexia or bulimia significantly higher than for kids not involved in bullying
Celery-Onion Blend Is Cause of E.Coli Outbreak Tied to Costco Chicken Salad: CDC
Agency says samples of the salad ingredient tested positive for the bacteria and product has been recalled
Health Tip: Keeping Anger in Check
Learn to maintain your cool
Health Tip: Learn About Processed Foods
Check ingredient labels for harmful contents
Sweat to Help Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer
Vigorous exercise, nutritious diet lower odds for deadly forms of the disease, research suggests
Frequent Heartburn May Signal More Serious Digestive Problem
Could be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and treatments can help, expert says
Health Tip: Reward Yourself for Reaching Fitness Goal
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