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Guidelines for Filming at Detroit Medical Center

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Thank you for your interest in the Detroit Medical Center campus as a possible filming location. These guidelines have been developed to outline established policies and procedures for commercial filming and photography on the DMC campus and at off-campus locations. These guidelines are provided for informational purposes only in the decision-making process and are not the complete requirements for a production company interested in using the DMC facilities. Upon approval of a company’s request, the subject company shall execute and deliver to DMC a Film Location Agreement which will contain the complete requirements and the final agreement between the parties.

The Facility Engineering and Construction Office coordinates all requests for commercial and non-commercial filming and photography at the DMC. Requests should be routed to David Manardo at
Dmanardo@DMC.org or (313) 745-2422. A departmental liaison will be assigned to help facilitate your request.

Departments that might be affected by a film project – security, grounds, and the divisions involved depend on the Facility Engineering and Construction Office to screen all requests and confirm arrangements. Please do not contact departments directly.

Obtaining approval: A filming request is not approved until all of the following requirements have been met:

    • approval is obtained from the Detroit Medical Center, as coordinated by the Facility Engineering and Construction office, for the content and intended use of any proposed film project
    • agreement is obtained regarding the date, duration and hours of filming; location(s); support services required; and parking arrangements.
    • consent is obtained from all campus agent(s) for the desired location(s)
    • availability of the desired location is confirmed
    • a Film Location Agreement is signed
    • appropriate fees have been paid

Script approval: A copy of the final script or storyboard must be submitted for approval. Script approval must be granted prior to the signing of the Film Location Agreement.

Locations: Most areas of the DMC campus may be used for filming. However, any location is available on a case-by-case basis and must be approved prior to filming. Prior to filming and at a minimum of ten days prior to the desired date, a representative of the production company must walk through the desired location(s) with a representative of Facilities Engineering and Construction.

Fees: The DMC is interested in positive Product Placement opportunities in exchange for filming at our locations. To that end, most fees to facilitate filming will be waived. Nominal fees will be charged, on a per-case basis, for films that do not offer Positive Product Placement opportunities.

Insurance: The film-maker must provide evidence that they have secured the appropriate permits from the City of Detroit, and have secured adequate insurance coverage for their activities at DMC at least 24 hours prior to the shoot. Certificates of Insurance naming the Detroit Medical Center as additionally insured for the day(s) of the shoot must be provided as follows:

  • General Liability Insurance with a limit not less than $5 million
  • Workers Compensation Insurance set to Michigan statutory limits
  • All Risk Property Insurance covering all property brought onto DMC property
  • Automobile Insurance with a limit not less than $1 million combined single limit for any vehicles used in conjunction with the production
  • A Certificate of Insurance must be from a Michgian licensed insurance carrier and the carrier's license must be current and in effect through the filming. The address for the certificate should read: c/o David C. Manardo, Corporate Vice President, Facilities Engineering and Construction, 4707 St. Antoine, Suite C5, Detroit, MI 48201.

Parking: Parking requirements must be communicated to the Film Liaison so that arrangements may be made.

Hospital Business: When working around or shooting within a functioning hospital environment, the production company will be expected to take appropriate precautions to ensure that filming does not interfere with hospital operations and patient care. In the event DMC staff, assisting with the production, are called away to assist with a patient care emergency during production, DMC will not be liable for any cost associated with the delay in production.













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