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Elbow Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive diagnostic and treatment procedure used for conditions of a joint. Originally, arthroscopy was a diagnostic tool only, used primarily for planning a standard open surgery. However, because of the development of new instruments and advanced surgical techniques, many conditions can also be treated with arthroscopic surgery.

The following are the conditions most frequently discovered during an arthroscopic procedure:

  • inflammation

  • pieces of loose bone and/or cartilage in the elbow

  • bone spurs


Symptoms include:

  • pain

  • swelling

  • mechanical symptoms – locking, grinding, popping sounds in joint 


Arthroscopic surgeries involve the following:

  • a general, local, or spinal anesthetic is administered

  • a small incision is made in the patient's skin

  • the arthroscope is inserted through the incision

  • other incisions may be made to introduce other small grasping, probing, or cutting tools

  • light is transmitted via fiber optics at the end of the arthroscope

  • information about the interior of the joint is transmitted to a screen

  • corrective surgery, if necessary, may be performed during the initial diagnostic procedure

  • dressings or bandages may be applied to the post-operative area

After Surgery/Recovery

Physical Therapy is a critical part of complete recovery. Our doctors recommend DMC's Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, with 30 convenient locations across southeastern Michigan. To find one near you, click here.




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