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Fall 2015

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Letter from Shawn Levitt

Shawn Levitt

Never before has our profession offered the myriad opportunities for clinical specialization and career advancement. Dr. Pamela Cipriano, President of the American Nurses' Association, was recently quoted as saying, "We are a force of 3.4 million Registered Nurses nationwide...providing expert, high quality and compassionate care, as well as dedicated leadership, from the bedside to the boardroom." All of us have answered the calling of this profession, and we must continue to drive positive change in health care in both the clinical and administrative areas.

I would ask that you as nursing professionals make a commitment to do the following:

Elevate Practice, Elevate Practice, Elevate Practice!
Work with colleagues to identify the best practice standards and fervently enforce them in order to drive excellence in clinical outcomes and service. Collaborate with physicians, safeguarding, monitoring and continuously improving those aspects of care which are inherently under the auspices of Nursing. There will be times when you will encounter others who believe that they "know" what is best for Nursing. However, it is our right to retain the privilege to improve our practice.

Exemplify leadership in everything that you do.
You may represent nursing at the highest levels of your organizations. Set the example by participating in shared governance, program and policy development; and whenever possible, contribute to management and administrative decision making, by offering your expertise on relevant issues.

Maintain your individual accountability.
This is not only for your own practice, but also you must hold your peers accountable to established policies, procedures and national standards. We must not settle for mediocre practice. It does a disservice to our patients, our colleagues and to our profession.

Submit to becoming a lifelong learner.
It is important to remain current in your knowledge base. Period.

Exemplify outstanding service.
Consistently engage others with compassion, respect, dignity and kindness.


Shawn Levitt, RN, BSN, MBA, FACHE, CPHQ
Regional Chief Nurse Executive
Detroit Medical Center



Take a Stand to Prevent Falls

DMC 2015 Fall Elimination Retreat

Inpatient falls has been identified by The Joint Commission and the Institute of Medicine as a significant patient safety risk for adult as well as pediatric patients. A fall reduction program with interventions designed to reduce patient fall risk factors is now a requirement of The Joint Commission. The good news is that with adequate knowledge, most falls can be prevented.

On the 24th of September, many of our clinicians gathered in Kresge Eye Institute auditorium for DMC's Annual Fall Elimination Retreat. Falls in the adult population can result in hip fractures, head injuries or even death. In many cases, those who have experienced a fall have a hard time recovering and their overall health deteriorates. Children at high risk for serious injury include preschoolers, children older than age 10 (twice as likely to fall as the total population), children with disabilities and minimal mobility, and children in wheelchairs, regardless of cognitive ability.

The morning was spent reinforcing why it takes everyone to accomplish the goal of eliminating falls and making our practice environment safe. Michele M. Harris RN MSN, DMC Regional Director Quality Improvement, presented falls data from 2015, allowing all to see each hospital's trend for the year as well as what the DMC looks like as a whole. Attendees broke up into groups and worked on case scenarios. Each group utilized the tools that were appropriate to care for the patient in the scenario. The Patient Self Assessment, a fall risk screening tool (Schmid, Morse, Total Fall or Humpty Dumpty), Purposeful Hourly Rounding (6P's), Patient Safety Agreements, ABCS, individualized plans of care, scripting, teach-back, huddles, bedside reporting or visual identification of patients at risk for falls were some of the tools participants used in caring for the patient.

Lisa Cayo, PharmD

Lisa Cayo, PharmD, presented various medication categories that can contribute to falls in the adult patient population. Clinical Transformation provided a resource guide for fall prevention documentation in EMR (you can receive a guide from your hospital fall representative). Farhan Baber, PT, provided an informative lecture on mobility for patients with lower extremity weakness. Dr. James Howell closed the retreat summarizing the importance of everyone working together to eliminate falls in our hospitals.

Farhan Baber

Participants appreciated the opportunity to engage with other team members and rediscovered that there is a need for staff awareness and vigilance in preventing patient falls.



News from the
DMC Professional Nurse Council

At the DMC Professional Nurse Council (DMC PNC) our motto is If it touches nursing practice at the DMC, it belongs to PNC. Through this motto we focus on fulfilling the purpose of DMC PNC, which is to promote shared decision making throughout the Detroit Medical Center (DMC).

Starting in 2014, the DMC PNC began a review of our Shared Governance structure, to ensure that our current model still aligned with DMC PNC Shared Governance goals and connected with each site's PNC structure. We began by having each site representative present their group's model at our monthly meeting. Then, in August, we had a discussion led by DMC CNO Shawn Levitt, reviewing the philosophy of Shared Governance at the DMC, our roles and responsibilities, and our communication model.

As we move toward sharing our model with the Tenet Shared Governance Committee, the group decided to review our structure, revise it if necessary, and share this with the site PNCs. The goal is for all PNC groups to operate under the same structure, while keeping each site's unique characteristics.

This comes at a good time, as a current DMC goal is to have all our hospitals become Magnet® certified. According to, structural empowerment is one component of the Magnet® Model. Nurses in Magnet®-recognized organizations "are involved in shared governance and decision making structures and processes to establish standards of practice and address opportunities for improvement." Our purpose for Shared Governance at the DMC aligns with this as we solve problems collaboratively, share ideas, and make decisions that impact and enhance our nursing practice and patient outcomes. This is included in the review of Shared Governance structure at the DMC found on the intraweb on our nursing website.

After a presentation by Maria Bobo DNP, RN, WHNP-BC, CRRN reviewing Shared Governance vs. a Professional Practice model, the DMC PNC group agreed that our structure would be based on Five Principles of Nursing Excellence. These are: Practice, Professional Development, Education, EBP/Research, Quality and Recruitment, and Retention. These principles would be used for creating our agenda and setting goals for the group. We also reviewed the roles and responsibilities of PNC members. These include: to share information, make recommendations, make decisions and to connect system and site PNCs.

As the DMC PNC members take these principles back to the site PNCs for review and incorporation into the structure at each site, we will all begin operating under the same structure. Even though there may be some unique characteristics of each site PNC, overall we will be cohesive and strong.



Magnet® Recognition Celebration

The Magnet Recognition Program® distinguishes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice. More than 9,000 nurses and executives attended this year's ANCC National Magnet Conference®, celebrating nursing excellence and sharing their experience with evidence-based practices.

This year was extra special for the Detroit Medical Center. Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital earned redesignation as a Magnet® hospital and was nationally recognized for this accomplishment. HVSH is the DMC's first hospital to earn the distinction of being redesignated as an ANCC Magnet® hospital. Conference attendees returned home having rediscovered some of the innovations in nursing. Regardless of where your hospital is on the Magnet® journey, think about how you can contribute to making your nursing practice world-class by incorporating innovative patient care. Congratulations HVSH.



Celebrating the DMC’s PCAs:
Committed to Excellence

On June 18, 2015 the Patient Care Services department honored its Patient Care Support Staff with a Recognition Conference and BBQ Luncheon. Several Patient Care Associates, ED Technicians, Medical Assistants and OB Associates joined in the celebration. The Recognition Conference included a presentation by Tarry Lynn Paylor, MBA, a presentation of the PCAs of the Year, and PCA Certification recognition.

The PCAs of the Year included:
Heather Dewan (HVSH)
Amaliea Hindy (CVI)
Teresa Martin (HUH)
Toya Vaughn (HWH)
Monica Bates (RIM)
Florence Sawyer (SGH)
Talisa Everett (CHM)
Maria Bailey (DRH)

2015 PCA Committee with Shawn Levitt, CNE

Following the Recognition Conference, a barbeque was held in Brush Mall and included delicious food from You Name It Cafe and a photo booth to create memories from the event. Everyone had a great time and we want to send a huge Thank You to our Patient Care Support Staff in Patient Care Services.

Click here to enjoy more photos from the event!



Respiratory Care PHIL Awards

This year DMC celebrated the five-year anniversary of its Respiratory Care PHIL Awards honoring outstanding therapists. Therapists were nominated by a patient, family, visitor, physician, or employee on the basis of professional excellence and compassion in the education and care of patients with pulmonary illnesses.

The PHIL Award (Pulmonary Health and Illnesses of the Lung) was established by Sharman Lamka in partnership with the FACES Foundation (Family and Caregiver, Education and Support). In memory of her husband, Philip C. Lamka, who passed away from Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), Sharman wanted to acknowledge the field of respiratory care, and give honor to those whose sole objective is finding ways to help patients breathe better.

This year’s recipients are:

Daniel Asekome


Jonathan Duke


Matt Gellmini

Byron Harris


Hamza Lakhani


Janice Oleszczak



“Stomp Out Sepsis” Inaugural 5K Walk Raises More Than $12,500

Sepsis kills. Lack of awareness of this stark fact is why Sinai-Grace Hospital's Sue Sirianni, DNP ANP-BC CCRN, and Harper University Hospital's Maria Teresa Palleschi joined forces to create the first-ever Sepsis Challenge.

Staff from DMC

Sue Sirianni, Shawn Levitt and Maria Palleschi

The inaugural "Stomp Out Sepsis" 5K walk on World Sepsis Day, September 13, 2015 at Stony Creek Metropark raised more than $12,500, including a donation from DMC as a sponsor of the event. "The DMC is the first hospital system in Michigan to raise awareness about sepsis and its deadly consequences," stated Sirianni. Both Sirianni and Palleschi have professionally and personally been affected by Sepsis. They worked together on their doctoral theses on the impact of interprofessional education on sepsis care, and both recently had family members who contracted sepsis. Last year Palleschi's mother was fortunate to survive after septic shock. Earlier this year, Sirianni's brother passed away from sepsis complications. "It is not enough just to educate medical professionals about sepsis care. Sepsis takes a life every 2 minutes and we need to make our community more aware of this epidemic so they can seek prompt treatment. Our goal is to raise public awareness and ensure sepsis is treated as a medical emergency," said Palleschi, a critical care clinical nurse specialist. "We were thrilled to host this important event to help raise awareness of sepsis in our community. "Stomp Out Sepsis" was a fun, creative, and healthy way to get people moving and simultaneously learn about sepsis – what it is and what it can do," said Sirianni, a nurse practitioner in surgical ICU and trauma. "Maria and I plan on facilitating a sepsis walk every year. We know suspicion of and prompt recognition of sepsis does save lives, but with fewer than half of American adults knowing about sepsis, we need help in getting the word out to the general public."

Floro Culmone and Sam Baioff

The donations from the Stomp Out Sepsis walk will go to the non-profit Sepsis Alliance, which provides public education about sepsis. The organization hosts national and community events, distributes educational information, and promotes training and education of sepsis and its devastating effects. Sepsis Alliance also provides support by giving patients and family members information about sepsis and Post Sepsis Syndrome.

Click here to participate in “Stomp Out Sepsis,” or to become a sponsor.


What is Lippincott Advisor (LA)?

Tenet's Evidenced Based Resource Tool for the "Why" behind clinical practice, ensures up to date and most current information. Lippincott Advisor is available for Tenet Hospitals and Home Office Employees. Within LA, there are 3,200+ searchable, evidenced-based monographs* including:

You may access in Citrix via Application Links: Lippincott Advisor and Health Library – The "Why" behind clinical practice. Lippincott Advisor, or LA, is a great resource with many tools to offer. Please take the time to browse through all the icons and click on the Health Library where you will find 30 books including pediatric procedures by Bowden and Lippincott Procedure Manual for the adult population. Just a few guidelines to follow:

So take a browse through the LA site and see what it has to offer. It is fairly easy to navigate, but additional education will occur. Contact your nurse educator if you have questions. Tenet and DMC educators want all nurses to be comfortable with our new nursing resource.


Kudos Corner

Congratulations to the following for their outstanding accomplishments!

DMC Harper University Hospital
and Hutzel Women’s Hospital

Degree Advancement


Critical Care Certifications

Patient Care Associate Certification

Daisy Winners

Professional Development Ladder Accomplishments

Congratulations critical care clinical pharmacist specialists for passing the Critical Care Specialty certification exam



Special Recognition

DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

Degree Advancement

PCA Certification

New CRRN Certifications as of June 2015

Poster Presentations at the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA (October 2015)

Podium Presentations at the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA (October 2015)

RIM Employees of the Year


Professional Boards

DMC Sinai Grace Hospital

Degree Advancement

DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Daisy Winner

Degree Advancement

PCA Certification


DMC Huron Valley-Sinai

Daisy Winners

CNOR Certifications

Medical Surgical Certification

Special Recognition

HVSH PNC has been creating activity quilts for the HVSH 2D (Delirium and Dementia) Kits currently in the pilot phase. The new kits provided a wide variety of diversion activities and activities to decrease delirium. The quilts are one such activity included in the kit.

Front, left to right: Deb Silverman, Kirsten Roberts, Fab Jimenez
Back, left to right: Deb Brennan, Lois Larsen, Liz Knoll, April Adams
Not pictured: Nancy Zeidman, Beth Bauer and Jill Myers

Activity quilts are made with different textured fabrics and embellished with a variety of objects to keep hands busy. The quilts measure 20–24 inches in diameter and have been found to be soothing and calming for the dementia or Alzheimer patient.

DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital

Critical Care Certifications

Advanced Burn Life Support Certification