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Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension. The art of massage is an ancient therapy. Our licensed massage therapist is trained to offer you many different massage techniques and consult with you about the therapeutic effects massage has to offer.

Massage therapy at the DMC Fitness Center is very affordable. No hidden fees are attached. Simply choose the amount of time you would like to purchase, and our certified therapist will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience. Our rates are: $50 per hour, or $1 per minute for any amount of time less than an hour.

Call (313)745-9748 to schedule an appointment.

Try a Special Package:

½ Hour Shoulder/Neck Massage - $30.00
½ Hour Back Massage - $30.00
Full Hour Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage - $50.00
30-minute Warm -up Sports Massage (includes basic stretching) - $30.00


Contact us:

DMC Fitness Center

261 Mack Blvd.

Detroit, MI 48201-2417



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