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Day 7: Golf Game


It's golf season: What to know before you hit the course

Sometimes it's easy to forget that golf is a sport that can have the same impact on your muscles and joints that high-impact activities can. Before you hit the golf course, it's important to start with a dynamic warm-up of active exercises to stretch and loosen tight areas, activate the muscles needed to swing properly and to prevent potential injury.

Three easy exercises to start each day of golf with are:

  1. Seated thoracic rotations while holding a golf club across your shoulders.
  2. Standing hip hinges.
  3. Rotating your hips and pelvis while holding the cart.

These exercises are not only valuable for use on the course. Doing some golf fitness exercises with a foam roll for mobility on days you are at home or not on the course are even more beneficial to each time you are actually out golfing. If you began to dedicate 30 minutes once a week to mobility and flexibility, you would see yourself gaining more elastic power in your swing. If you couple that with stabilizing other areas that need it, you are truly maximizing the kinematic sequence.

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