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Day 4: Understanding Food and Cholesterol

Understand Your Food from Detroit Medical Center on Vimeo.

Too much cholesterol in your blood can lead to blocked arteries. This can cause problems such as heart attack and stroke. Planning meals that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol helps reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood. A healthy goal is to have less than 25% of your daily calories come from fat.

Limit Foods High in Saturated Fats
Saturated fats come from animals and certain plants (such as coconut and palm). Below are some examples of foods that contain lots of saturated fat:
  • Fatty cuts of meat (lamb, ham, beef)
  • Many pastries, cakes, cookies, and candies
  • Cream, ice cream, sour cream, cheese, and butter, and foods made with them
  • Sauces made with butter or cream
  • Salad dressings with saturated fats
  • Foods that contain palm or coconut oil

Limit Foods High in Cholesterol

Avoid or limit these high-cholesterol foods:
  • Liver and other organ meats
  • Fatty red meats
  • Bacon and sausage
  • Egg yolks (egg whites are okay)
  • Shrimp
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