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Day 26: Get Smoke Free

Being smoke free is the most important risk factor you can change. Smoking damages your arteries. It reduces blood flow to your heart and brain. It greatly increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and cancer. If you keep smoking after a heart attack, you can double your risk of a second heart attack.

Quitting Smoking
Smoking and other tobacco use can raise cholesterol and make it harder to control. Quitting is tough. But millions of people have given up tobacco for good. You can quit, too! Think about some of the reasons below to quit smoking. Do any of them make you think twice about your smoking habit?

Quit smoking because it:
  • Keeps your cholesterol high, even if you make all the other changes youíre supposed to.
  • Damages your body, especially your heart, lungs, and blood vessels.
  • Makes you more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.
  • Stains your teeth and makes your skin, clothes, and breath smell bad.
  • Costs a lot of money.
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Scott E. Henry, MD, Ph.D.

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