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Day 25: Who's Who in Heart Care

February is a great time to pause and consider what you can do to stay heart healthy – no matter what your age. You've taken a great first step by signing up to receive free heart healthy tips each day this month.

With the right information, you can take your heart health into your own hands. However – should you ever need help, here's a quick "Who's Who" in heart care.

Cardiologist – A doctor who specializes in treating hearts and the cardiovascular system. They can diagnose heart problems and help manage risk factors like high cholesterol.

Cardiac Surgeon – Like the title implies, a cardiac surgeon performs surgery to correct diseases and problems with the heart.

Interventional Cardiologist – If you have a blocked artery, these doctors may perform an angioplasty or deploy stents to get the blood flowing again, usually in a catheterization lab.

Vascular Surgeon – These doctors diagnose and treat problems with veins and arteries throughout the body.

Thoracic Surgeon – If you have a problem in your chest – your lungs or heart, this doctor may be brought in to treat it surgically.

Electrophysiologist – This doctor specializes in the heart's electrical system and can perform procedures to get your heart beating right if you're suffering from irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

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