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Day 1: Annual Physical


Annual checkups are important so as to detect diseases early when they can be treated most effectively. Annual checkups also give patients the ability to gain insight on how to improve and maximize their health and wellness.

Diseases and conditions that can be picked up early include diabetes with a simple blood test, high blood pressure by putting a pressure cuff on your arm and taking an accurate blood pressure level, your cholesterol level, and tests for colon and prostate cancer. 

What discoveries can be made at these checkups?
Typically discoveries are not made in most patients but you may find diabetes or pre diabetes, blood pressure may go up.

History, physical examination, and routine blood testing are also a regular part of annual exams.

People should be screened periodically with their physician or healthcare provider throughout their lifespan. Women engage the health system more readily than men do but it is imperative that everyone does. There are diseases and conditions that can be detected and picked up that can be treated early and thus very effectively. Annual checkups are also a source for advice and information that can help patients pursue a healthy and well lifestyle.

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