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Day 19: Cardio Team One

Most heart attacks occur during the night or early morning hours. Most people may think that just like an emergency room physician, a heart attack specialist is always on site – not true. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes, if you are having a heart attack during those hours, and are wheeled into the emergency room, the heart attack specialist and clinical team are paged to the hospital from their homes. While you are waiting on the heart team to come in and fix your heart, your heart muscle starts to die, never to be replaced – and with a heart attack, every second is critically important. In 2008, the Detroit Medical Center launched the nation’s first hospital-based cardiac center in which trained specialists are stationed onsite, 24/7 in order to quickly begin treating patients experiencing heart attacks.

The “Cardio Team One” approach to heart attacks saves the lives of patients who previously might have died by treating them in half the time of the national standard average which is 90 – 120 minutes. By cutting the time of assembling a specialized cardiac treatment team, and by streamlining tests and procedures in the ER, Cardio Team One is able to save 60 minutes of your dying heart.

Founded by Dr. Theodore Schreiber, Cardio Team One includes more than two dozen specially trained cardiologists, nurses and technicians who reside at the hospital throughout their alternating 48-hour shifts. This groundbreaking approach allows the cardiac team to respond in only a few minutes to heart attack symptoms in patients arriving at the Emergency Room.


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Theodore L. Schreiber, MD, FACC, FCCP, FSCAI

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