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Day 13: Bypass Surgery

Vascular surgery evolved from general and cardiac surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures. Vascualar Surgery happens when diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins, are managed by medical therapy, including minimally-invasive procedures like stents and angioplasties, surgical reconstruction, and bypasses.

With a femoral bypass, a surgical procedure that may be used to treat severe blockage due to plaque in the femoral artery, usually two incisions are made, at the groin and above the knee to connect two arteries and bypass any blockage in the thigh.

Coronary Bypass surgery, also called coronary artery bypass graft, is a different specialty from Vascular Surgery which reroutes blood around clogged coronary arteries to improve the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart.
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Yevgeniy M. Rits, MD, RPVI

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