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DMC Citrix Desktop - Mac OSX Setup Instructions

  1. System Requirements
  2. Downloading the Citrix ICA Client
  3. Installing the Citirx ICA Client
  4. Instructions to Configure the Citrix ICA Client Editor

1. Mac OSX System Requirements    Back to top

  • A Macintosh running operating system Mac OS X Version 10.1 or later, with at least 128MB of RAM
  • 4MB of free disk space
  • A modem and PPP networking software 
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

2. Downloading the Citrix Macintosh Client (ICA Macintosh Client)     Back to top

Download the client

  1. Click the Clients link.
  2. All Citrix Clients will appear, scroll down and click the OSX link
  3. Click the Get Software link next to PowerPC or Intel depending on your Mac system
  4. "End-User License Agreement" will appear, click Yes.
  5. Click the Download Here link to save this file to disk

3. Installing the Citrix Macintosh Client     Back to top

  1. After you download the .dmg file, double-click it. This runs the Disk Copy program, which mounts the file as a disk image accessible from your Macintosh desktop.
  2. Double-click the Citrix ICA Client disk image to view its contents in a new window. Drag the Citrix ICA Client folder into the Applications icon at the top of the window.

4. Configuring the Citrix ICA Client Editor     Back to top

  1. Open the Citrix ICA Client Editor in your Citrix ICA Client folder.

  2. Click the Default Settings button in the lower left corner.

  3. The Citrix ICA Client Editor defaults to the Making a Connection / Server Location sub-tab.
    Verify that the Network Protocol is set to "TCP/IP+HTTP"
    and the Encryption Level is set to "Basic"
    and the Server Group is set to "Primary".
    In the Address List, click the Add button. Type "citrix.dmc.org" in the Server textbox and click OK.

  4. Click the Connection Properties tab and the Windows and Sounds sub-tab. Change the Window Size setting to 1024 X 768 (or your current monitor display setting). Click the Save button.

  5. Click the Quit button to close the Citrix ICA Client Editor.
  6. You will also need to install a SSL certificate on your computer. Hold down the control key on your keyboard, click here and select "download to disk" from the dropdown list.
    NOTE: Do not double-click on the serverbasic.crt file. If you open it, it will prompt you to set a password every time you access the DMC Citrix desktop from this computer. Drag the serverbasic.crt file into the "cacerts" folder inside your computer's Applications folder: Applications > Citrix ICA Client > keystore > cacerts.".
  7. Return to the dmc.org staff resources webpage and double-click the DMC Citrix Desktop icon. Login using your DMC Enterprise/NT login ID & Password. A file (launch_5.asp) will be downloaded to your selected download folder (desktop is the default). 

    NOTE: If the DMC Citrix Desktop doesn't open or Apple System Profiler opens instead, highlight the launch_5.asp file and select Get Info from the File menu at the top of the screen. Click the Open With dropdown box and select Citrix ICA Client from the list. Then click the Change All button.

    If the DMC Citrix Desktop still doesn't open. Follow the steps for configuring your Internet Explorer File Helper settings as described in the Mac OS 7-9 Instructions.
    You may delete the launch_5.asp file after the DMC Citrix Desktop has opened. Every time you launch the DMC Citrix Desktop a new file will be downloaded.
  8. Select Best Window Position from the File Menu.
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