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The Unseen Heart: 64-Slice Imaging Saves Lives

John Lore, from Bay City Michigan, was suffering a few health problems at age 63, the source of which was not clear to his physicians. He sought care, but didn’t feel it was urgent. He thought it was just his age, and the stress from his job.


“My diet was not good at all. I was on a plane all the time. I was in restaurants all the time. And as a result, I was just having trouble,” he said. John had physicals, stress tests, blood work – repeatedly. But still…”they couldn’t find anything. It was finally the people at Detroit Medial Center that said ‘We have a new 64-slice and it may be very helpful.’”


It was helpful – only the DMC’s 64-Sice, otherwise known as a 64-channel CT scanner, was able to detect that John had a 90 percent blockage in his right coronary artery. “It was unbelievable,” says John, who underwent stent surgery to repair the blockage shortly thereafter. “it has literally changed my life.”


Dr. Hamid Sattar, Chief of Cardiac Imaging at DMC Harper University Hospital, explains the advantages of the 64-slice. “It’s extraordinarily important, because the information we obtain is lifesaving. We can see if there are any obstructions, high-grade or premature, within the blood vessels of the heart. It allows us to look at the chambers of the heart, the muscle itself, with great accuracy, which can imply different disease processes. That’s critical information.”


In just minutes, the 64-Slice CT Scanner at DMC takes three-dimensional pictures, and creates a volume reconstruction of the heart, its chambers and the blood vessels. The patient needs only to hold their breath or about 10 seconds to complete the test.


For John, it meant that his blockage did not go undetected, where it would certainly have resulted in a heart attack or stroke. Thanks to DMC, John is enjoying his improved health, traveling and spending time with his family – all thanks to the extraordinary cardiac imaging available at the specialty hospitals of Detroit Medical Center.


To request an appointment wit Dr. Hamid Sattar, call 888-DMC-2500.



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