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Bunion Surgery: Relieving Foot Pain

Many of us take the simple act of walking for granted. Some, like Wanda Bush, depend on walking to perform her job. Wanda works for the state of Michigan, conducting federally regulated visits and inspections.

When she began experiencing foot pain that made the simple act of walking and working difficult, she sought help. When it got serious, she went to Detroit – to the DMC.


She saw Dr. Charles Kissel, DMC Chief of Podiatric Surgery. He told her what he tells everyone about foot pain: "Never ignore it. People think their feet are supposed to hurt, because they have been on them all day. I say "No. Your feet are not supposed to hurt."

Wanda knew that she did not have to live with the pain. She had already had one successful foot surgery at the DMC, and suspected it was time for another. "The same pain came back, in my other foot. I couldn’t wear certain shoes. Sometimes even slippers would aggravate it. I knew it wasn’t the type of shoe I was wearing."


We really try to get people to understand that if it is painful, then it needs to be addressed," says Dr. Kissel. In Wanda’s case it was becoming clear that she would need a second surgery to relieve her foot pain, which was caused by a bunion.

A bunion is an enlargement of the great toe joint, usually because of malposition or arthritis. When the joint breaks down, the pain can become constant, even when you are off your feet. In Wanda’s case, the ligaments that held her toe joint in position had weakened, and the cartilage had begun to wear away, causing her pain.

Dr. Kissel and his team cut an repositioned Wanda’s metatarsal bone, and then rotated the damaged cartilage before applying two microscopic screws into the bone. Those little screws hold the bone together tightly, preventing a lot of swelling, and helping Wanda to heal faster.

With a relatively short recovery time, and very little post-op pain, Wanda was greatly relieved. "In terms of quality of life, now I don’t have the pain, and I can wear a different type of shoe. I’m very happy that everything went well and that I’m back to normal."

According to Dr. Kissel, the recovery time for bunionectomies is very short. Nearly all patients are extremely satisfied with the results, and once a bunion has healed, it’s a permanent recovery.

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