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Admit a Patient

The DMC is dedicated to streamlining the admission process, to reduce the wait, and get patients connected to world class care as quickly as possible. Higher patient satisfaction scores prove that using a Direct Admission service works. Since there is no wait time (unlike the ED) physicians’ orders are carried out more immediately. To make a Direct Admission to a DMC hospital, call:

DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan — (877) 99-4THEM (8436)
DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital — (888) 362-9362
DMC Harper University Hospital — (888) 362-9362
DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital — (248) 937-5830
DMC Surgery Hospital — (248) 733-2280
DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan — (313) 745-1000 (via physician referral)
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital — (313) 966-2929

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