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Fellowship Program

This program includes Residency and Post-Graduate Programs:

  • Post-Graduate - Senior Administrative Fellow (Master's program graduate)
  • Residency - Administrative Fellow (Master's program graduate)
  • Administrative Intern (current Masters' program student)

Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is a comprehensive system that has provided quality healthcare for southeast Michigan and beyond for decades. With each new generation, DMC has been consistent in its standard of high-quality, compassionate care. With each patient we earn their trust, serve their needs and bring the most advanced medicine in the industry.

We have the resources. Our academic programs keep DMC at the forefront of clinical quality with the latest in medical treatments and technology. When you join the DMC team you join a system of specialty hospitals, institutes, top physicians and researchers, committed nurses and skilled technicians which results in the assurance of world-class healthcare delivery. This represents a tremendous ongoing learning opportunity for the clinicians who work here! Every person on the DMC team plays an important part in the healing process, and the synergy of our efforts is what makes working here and receiving care here so special.

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Uniqueness of the DMC fellowship
There is no healthcare system in the region or country with the same challenges and mission as the DMC. There is no time in DMC's history, considering its tradition of service and care, that there has been a greater opportunity for leadership to chart a course of strategic growth.

DMC is a system with unique accomplishments, strengths and challenges: DMC's record of service has provided medical excellence throughout the history of southeast Michigan. From the founding of Children’s Hospital in 1886, to the creation of the first mechanical heart at Harper Hospital 50 years ago, to our compassion for the underserved, our legacy of caring is unmatched.

Our medical experts are nationally recognized and each year, hundreds of DMC doctors are included in the list of America’s Best Doctors™. A reputation for excellence draws patients to world-class programs in oncology, organ transplant, cardiology, women’s services, neurosciences, stroke treatment, optometry, orthopaedics, pediatrics and rehabilitation.

We are the leading academically integrated delivery system in metropolitan Detroit and the largest health care provider in southeast Michigan. DMC has more than 2,000 licensed beds, 3,000 affiliated physicians, and is a leader in advanced technology and medical techniques.

DMC facilities employ best practices and conduct business in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism. Our recognition of and attention to diversity in our business operations and healthcare services in unparalleled.

Our volunteer efforts in health education and disease prevention represent an ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

DMC continues to meet the health care needs of a growing community, offering the best in medical research and development, advanced technology and optimum clinical services.

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Potential fellow projects:
Each fellow will be given at least one mutually agreed-upon major project to complete with their preceptor. This major project will provide the fellow with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the DMC. The DMC program offers the flexibility to consider the individual fellow strengths, background and objectives in determining which of the organization’s project priorities will be their designated project(s). Sample projects include:
  • Specific unit / service line business plan 
  • Business model to respond to high percentage of uncompensated care
  • Customer service employee engagement model development and implementation
  • Specific unit / service line ambulatory system design and development
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Structure of fellowship program

The fellow partners with system leadership to learn the organization and the business and to offer the organization knowledge, insight and expertise. During the course of the fellowship, the fellow will get exposure to the following key aspects of our system:

  • Organizational structure and governance
  • Managed care and insurance groups
  • Research and academic programs
  • Ambulatory care network
  • Private practice physician partnerships
  • Full continuum of hospitals and services – community, specialty, tertiary

Key Program Components:

  • Hospital rotation
  • Corporate rotation
  • Project work – significance to system, depth of involvement
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Ongoing interaction with system senior leadership

Administrative Fellowship Structure - Click to view chart.

Each fellow has two preceptors -- a preceptor within a DMC hospital and a preceptor within the DMC corporate staff. These preceptors provide a balanced exposure to this large health system. The preceptors assist the fellow in finalizing their project plan and in ongoing prioritization, and assessment of accomplishment.

Expectations of Preceptor Teams

  • Develop highly-productive, professional relationship between fellow and both preceptors
  • Frequent, regular meetings held with fellow and each preceptor
  • Fellow actively involved with each preceptor’s management teams
  • Mentors initially develop a system-wide project list for fellows
  • Mentors work with fellow to prioritize projects

Fellows have concurrent exposure to hospital operations and corporate administration in our academically integrated comprehensive health care delivery system. Fellows are responsible for completing administrative projects in various areas such as: governance, medical staff development, operations, managed care, ambulatory care, policy, finance, planning and marketing.

Fellows work closely with the executive team throughout the system (i.e., hospital and corporate level). In this role, fellows participate in various administrative, medical, board and hospital committee meetings and rotations, as well as chairing some of the committees. Responsibilities may include preparing reports and summaries of activities for system leadership. Networking, coaching and support meetings are foundational to the program, and involve all roles, such that regular and ongoing meetings occur between:

  • All current fellows
  • Hospital mentor and their fellow
  • All current mentors
  • Total group of current fellows and mentors

A formal, and informal, evaluation process will be used throughout the program to ensure that each fellow, and the overall program, are achieving the objectives. The evaluation process will result in process improvements throughout the program year, as appropriate.

Click the following for Fellowship Job Descriptions:
DMC Administrative Fellow Job Description
DMC Senior Administrative Fellow Job Description

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Length of program
  • One year (12 months) full-time fellowship or residency
  • Three months for Internship
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  • Fellows will be provided with a competitive compensation and benefits package
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Eligibility requirements
  • Post-Graduate Fellow (Senior Administrative Fellow): MHA or MHSA degree, MBA, or related degree program, from an accredited graduate program.
  • Residency (Administrative Fellow): Bachelor's degree. Actively pursuing master's degree in hospital and/or health administration required. Having successfully completed coursework toward master's degree required. MHA or MHSA degree pending successful completion of one-year residency.
  • Administrative Intern: Bacelor's degree, actively pursuing a Master's degree in hospital and or health administration with completion of one academic year of coursework toward Master's degree.
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Key skills developed by DMC fellows
  • Negotiation
  • Tenacity
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Relationship building between business and community partners
  • Leadership
  • Process Redesign

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Fellow Assessment

The fellowship is an opportunity to learn and grow. Seasoned DMC healthcare leaders are expert at coaching and advising young leaders, and they enjoy supporting our fellows in that way. As part of the fellowship program, fellows receive both ongoing informal, and regular formal, feedback from a variety of sources, including their mentors and other key operations and human resources leadership.

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Placement Support

The fellowship is an opportunity to further develop your professional network and to further identify where you wish to invest yourself as you begin your career. For this reason, numerous former fellows have joined the DMC leadership team. Although post-fellowship placement is not a guarantee or a requirement, it is often a natural progression of the DMC administrative fellowship.

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Application and Selection process

Currently, the DMC Administrative Fellowship Program has been suspended, though we expect to begin recruiting again soon. Until that time, please contact Administrative Fellowship Program Recruiter Janet Hash (email) at 313/578-2368 with any questions.

General Selection Process Steps:

  • program information provided (on-line at , on-campus presentations or information packets.)
  • Initial interview (either on-campus or at DMC)
  • DMC on-site tour and Final Interview Event
  • Selection of candidate(s)

If at any time in the process you have questions, please contact Fellowship Recruiter Janet Hash (email) at 313/578-2368.

If chosen as a finalist, you will be asked to submit the following (deadline for submission will be given to finalists):

  • Career objectives / Fellowship objectives
  • Graduate transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of voluntary community activity
  • Current resume or CV

General Recruiting and Selection Annual Schedule:
Initial online application deadline September
Selection announcement November
Start of fellowship Spring

Selection criteria:
  • Academic performance
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Alignment of DMC opportunities with career goals
  • Demonstrated communication and relationship-building skills
  • Commitment to community service
  • Demonstrated capacity for growth
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Orientation process
Orientation is a key element of the fellowship program, with objectives to:
  • Familiarize fellows with the DMC operations and strategic objective
  • Initiate relationship between fellows and DMC leadership
  • Orientation will occur at both the system and operating unit levels

Orientation topics to include:

  • Overview of key DMC departments, to include: history, organization structure, roles and responsibilities, relationship to DMC strategic plan, potential projects or operational management opportunities
  • Career path of the department leadership (model career path)
  • Overview of fellow project plan framework

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