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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure

This revolutionary new procedure is generally recommended for patients with hip arthritis who are less than 60 years old.

New Hip Replacement Procedure Is an Option for Younger Patients

You wouldn’t ordinarily think that a 44-year-old woman would need hip replacement surgery. However, Connie Lee required it due to severe arthritis. And thanks to a revolutionary new procedure at the Detroit Medical Center’s DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, she was quickly able to resume her active lifestyle.

Dr. Phillip Schmitt, an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital, was the first in
Michigan to perform “Birmingham hip resurfacing” after being among the first surgeons in America to be trained in the bone-saving procedure in Birmingham, England, where it originated.

“It’s a fantastic procedure,” said Dr. Schmitt, “because it’s a very good option for patients younger than 60 who have bad arthritis in the hip.”

Lee, who had been very active but developed extreme pain in her left hip, was a perfect candidate.

“I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t lay or sit or stand. There was basically no relief,” she said.

hip resurfacing has many advantages over total hip replacement.

Rather than replacing the entire hip joint, the surgeon shaves and caps a few centimeters of bone within the joint, so the system preserves much more of the patient’s natural bone structures and stability.

As Dr. Schmitt tells it, “You don’t have to take out a large portion of the patient’s leg bone in order to put the implant in. You’re basically shaving off the arthritic components and putting a cap on the bone. This allows the patient to have greater range of motion and to be much more active,” he said.

Benefits of the all-metal
Birmingham hip implant include:

  • Ninety-eight percent more wear than a traditional hip implant

  • Reduction in the risk of dislocation and inaccurate leg length

  • Reduced recovery time

    Reduced need for second surgery

Connie Lee was up and active just days after her surgery. “I’ve been playing putt-putt golf, going out on boats, doing laundry, cleaning house, all kinds of stuff,” she said.

hip resurfacing is available to all qualified patients at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.


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