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da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

DMC gynecology surgery specialists use the da Vinci Robotic surgery system to perform procedures such as hysterectomies that are less invasive, with less pain and shorter recovery time.

The da Vinci Robot System

With unprecedented precision, the da Vinci robotic system has redefined the standard of care in gynecological surgery. This system, available at DMC hospitals, enhances traditional laparoscopic surgery with the guidance of some of the industry’s leading surgeons.


Dr. George Shade is Specialist and Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology for DMC and Sinai-Grace Hospital. “It’s taken us to the frontier of the future of medicine,” says Schade. Dr. Susan Hendrix, Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgery at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital, agrees. “With this technology, what’s really unique is that it takes you so you’re literally right next to the organ you’re operating on.”


“I feel more in control and more comfortable, laparascopically – robotically – than I do with an open procedure,” Says Dr. Ethan Goldstein, Obstetrician and Gynecologist for DMC Huron Valley- Sinai Hospital.


How does it work? For numerous gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies, the surgeon works from a console, utilizing remote hand and foot controls to operate an HD camera and three operating arms.


In traditional laparoscopic surgery, trocars are inserted into the body, allowing the surgeon to provide a less-invasive procedure by moving the trocars to perform the operation. With the da Vinci robot, trocars are still inserted, but the incision is smaller and the trocar movement is more subtle by comparison.  Also, the operating instruments have greater range of motion than even the human wrist. The da Vinci trocars are specially designed to pivot around the incision without applying tension to the patient’s incision. Many patients wake and report no pain at all from the surgery.


In the early days of robotic surgery, there was skepticism from surgeons who felt that they had to have the patient “in their own hands.” That’s why it is important to note that there is still a full team scrubbed in the room with you – not just the surgeon and the robot. “The surgeon is still in the room,” says Dr. Shade. “In the event that something happened, the doctor can get up and move immediately over to the patient and do what you have to do.”


DMC employee Judy Valden had no reservations about the da Vinci system. She sought help from Dr. Goldstein for treatment of her severe headaches, heavy bleeding cycles, spotting and cramping. She was certain of one thing: she did not want to be out for a long time. She and Dr. Goldstein agreed to a robotic hysterectomy. She was the first patient to do so at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. She went home the day after her hysterectomy, and has been doing great: back to work in two weeks. “I would highly recommend the da Vinci Surgery.”


“Right now, approximately 67 percent of all hysterectomies are done as open incisions,” says Dr. Shade. “Large, abdominal incisions, that require a hospital stay for three to four days, and an eight to ten week recovery time…lots of swelling and pain.” All the DMC da Vinci Surgeons agree: the important thing is to reach out to patients and empower them with options that can improve their outcomes. It means staying engaged in cutting edge medicine, being on the vanguard of the future of healthcare, and training future doctors. These ideals, paired with breakthrough technology like the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, create the best care for the citizens of Detroit and southeast Michigan.


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