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InterStim Technology: Stopping Overactive Bladder

DMC Urology Specialist Dr. Richard Santucci uses new InterStim technology to help patients control overactive bladder problems.

Interstim Technology: Stopping Overactive Bladder


Imagine having a condition that requires visits to the restroom as frequently as every 15 minutes. In many case this can be treated with medication, but for Jennifer Ayers, medication did not work.


“I was in the bathroom every 15 to 20 minutes, and I was cramping,” said Ayers. “I’d use the bathroom but I couldn’t go.”


Jennifer suffered from interstitial cystitis. She sought help from Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Urology Specialists Dr. Richard Santucci. “People with interstitial cystitis have to urinate very, very frequently,” says Dr. Santucci. “Sometimes every 15 minutes during the day – you can imagine how disruptive that can be.”


Dr. Santucci determined to perform an innovative procedure for Ayers, called am Interstim Bladder Stimulator. In addition to treating the interstitial cystitis, it can also help patients with overactive bladders in general. “It’s a sort of bladder pacemaker,” explains Dr. Santucci. “It’s very effective, and remarkably easy to insert.”


The procedure begins with a inserting a thin nerve stimulator, and then connecting that to a temporary pacemaker to see if the stimulator is working for the patient. If all is well, the actual pacemaker is implanted in the skin of the lower back. Recovery is minimal; the positive effects are felt immediately. According to Dr. Santucci, the success rate is amazing.


As for Ayers, she’s among the fans of the procedure. “I go every few hours now, like a normal person!”


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Detroit Receiving Hospital
Richard Santucci M.D.(Connect with this doctor)
Chief of Urology, Detroit Receiving Hospital Chief of Urologic Trauma Surgery, Sinai-Grace Hospital Associate Professor (WSU)
PRIMARY HOSPITAL: Detroit Receiving Hospital
BOARD CERTIFICATION: American Board of Urology
EDUCATION/TRAINING: Baylor College of Medicine
RESIDENCY: University of Washington Medical Center, Urology
FELLOWSHIP: University of California, San Francisco - Urologic Trauma & Reconstruction
FELLOWSHIP: Scripps Memorial Hospital-La Jolla, Research Burn & Trauma
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