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WARNING: Please be advised that videos in this library may feature both actual images and animated recreations of medical procedures, including surgery, which are graphic in nature and some viewers may find difficult to watch. Please use discretion before viewing this content.

Web visitors with a medical concern should call 888-362-2500
toll-free, and press prompt 3 to speak to a registered nurse.

Peter Nielsen

New Video:Avoiding Heat Stroke
Avoiding Heat Stroke
Learn the tricks and techniques you need to stop heat-related injury before it strikes.

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Power off the Pounds
Power off the Pounds
Someone's Watching...
Power off the Pounds
Power off the Pounds
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Adolescent Medicine
Small Photo Hyperthermia Treatment
A revolutionary new procedure at Children’s Hospital of Michigan is helping babies in dire medical positions survive and eventually, thrive.
Small Photo Special: Kids Health
Join Peter and a group of youngsters as they explore the importance of learning about fitness and diet – cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.
Cardiovascular Disease
Small Photo Cardiovascular Fitness
Join Peter and learn about the latest trends and developments in fitness, designed to keep your heart healthy and active.
Small Photo Kayaking Toward a Healthy Hear
Kayaking is excellent exercise for the arms, shoulders, chest and cardiovascular system. Learn why it helps, ad how to maximize its potential.
Small Photo Lowering Cholesterol
Changing your diet and activity level is the best, most natural way to lower your level of dangerous cholesterol.
Small Stroke Prevention
A stroke can be devastating; learn what you can do to reduce your risk and increase your defenses against this deadly problem.
Small Tennis for the Heart
Tennis is a great activity for increasing cardiovascular strength, but players need to know how to ensure they are doing it well and keeping themselves safe from injury.
Small Walking for your Heart
Peter shows you how to plan, start and maintain a walking program designed to help keep you fit and healthy.
Small Water Exercise for Good Health
Peter shows you how to use a water-based program to help your heart, muscles and overall fitness.
Small Photo Diabetes 101
Peter explains the basics and offers guidance for a building a healthy lifestyle for those with Diabetes.
Home Care/Hospice/Elder
Small Photo Peter Nielsen and Jack Lalane
Peter meets with the fitness legend to talk about how good health can have an impact regardless of age.
Small Photo Senior Fitness
Good health is a lifelong pursuit, and it’s never too late to start. Join Peter and visit a group of older adults using fitness and diet to help live life to the fullest!
Mental Health
Small Photo Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can affect anyone – male, female, children or adults. Learn about the symptoms and how the disorders are treated to guide patients back to a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Small Photo Handling Stress
Stress can be debilitating – join Peter as he reviews the causes, and shows ways to reduce stress through a healthy lifestyle.
Neurological Disorders
Small Photo Direct Brain Stimulation
A revolutionary neurosurgical procedure to treat Parkinson’s disease is changing lives – stopping tremors near-instantly.
Small The Youth Obesity Epidemic
Peter examines the current epidemic of youth obesity, and presents ideas to help kids reach an age-appropriate weight.
Physical Med/Rehab
Small Spinal Cord Injury
Peter meets with some special guests who are battling back from a debilitating injury to maximize their health and well-being.
Small Stroke Recovery
Great new therapies are available to stroke patients, to help them work toward recovery.
Plastic Surgery
Small Photo Plastic Surgery
Peter checks in with specialists in plastic surgery to get the real deal on what is available today.
Safety/Injury Prevention
Small Photo Avoiding Heat Stroke
Learn the tricks and techniques you need to stop heat-related injury before it strikes.
Skin Cancer
Small Photo Avoiding Skin Cancer
Find out what you can do to get the most out of sunny weather while protecting your skin from the harmful rays that can lead to skin cancer.
Women's Health
Small Photo Power off the Pounds
Peter helps a group of women find the way to fitness through healthy weight loss.