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DMC Clinical & Translational Research Office
(313) 578-2392 FAX 

Suzanne R. White, MD, MBA, FACEP, FACMT
DMC Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
(313) 745-3030

Monica Malian, R. Ph.
System Executive Director
(313) 578-2381

Ili Newell, AS
Research Contract Analyst
Assistant to Monica Malian, System Executive Director
(313) 578-2182

Connie Brown Tate, MSA
Research Compliance Manager
(313) 578-2425 

Jamal Chehab, RN,BSN
Senior Clinical Auditor
(313) 578-3089

Michele Kavanagh, RN, BSN
Senior Clinical Auditor
(313) 578-2391

Leah Maddern, BS
Senior Research Administrator
(313) 578-2386 

Kary Mason, RN,BSN,MMI
Senior Clinical Auditor
(313) 578-2388

Pamela J. Odziana, RN, BSN, MS
Senior Clinical Auditor
(313) 578-2184 

Linda Marsh, RN, BSN
Senior Clinical Auditor

Amber Lebowski, BS
Research Contract Analyst
(313) 578-2389

Janan G. Saba, MPH, PMP
Research Administrator
(313) 578-2185

Mary Jo Terrell, RN, BSN
Senior Clinical Auditor

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