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The PHIL (Pulmonary Health & Illness of the Lung) Award

Recognizing Outstanding Respiratory Therapists

About the PHIL Award

The PHIL Award (Pulmonary Health & Illnesses of the Lung) was established to bring recognition to those who truly do help others breathe easy. The award is named for Philip C. Lamka who died as a result of complications from an Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). ILD is a broad category of lung diseases characterized by scarring and/or inflammation of the lungs. People living with life-threatening pulmonary disease feel profound appreciation for the healthcare providers who allow them to “breathe easy”. The award celebrates a key member of that team: the outstanding respiratory therapist. This exemplary professional sees the “person” instead of the “patient”; and he or she is committed to the belief that every breath matters.

The PHIL Award is a hospital-based recognition and retention program for respiratory therapists who provide outstanding care and treatment of patients. With a national vision of the PHIL Award in hospitals across the United States, the program is currently active at several southeast Michigan hospitals, as well as Northern Michigan Regional Hospital, Petoskey; Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital; University Hospitals, Cleveland; Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids (Blodgett Hospital, Butterworth Hospital and Helen DeVos Children's Hospital); and Carolinas Medical Center-Union, Monroe, NC.

The "APPRECIATION" Sculpture

In the spirit of The PHIL Award, M.K. Shannon adapted her sculpture, Appreciation, of a sole standing figure, to include in its encircled arms a large and fully opened butterfly. The figure’s lines are clean, strong and quiet; the detailed butterfly in the foreground appears resting, yet ready to flutter. The sculpture was originally designed for The Bennett Gallery in Placerville, California

The unfailing and often background support of the respiratory therapist—who continually seeks more effective ways to enable the patient to breathe easier—is represented by the figure. The butterfly symbolizes the lungs, in their fragility, beauty and vitality. The sculptor illuminates the relationship between the respiratory therapist and the patient; in his or her hands the outstanding caregiver holds the patient’s freedom to breathe easier.

The FACES Foundation

Breathing is natural and the essence of life. Patients with lung disease cherish every difficult breath they take. The FACES Foundation and the sculpture, Appreciation, honor the respiratory professional that strives to make that breath as easy as possible. The FACES Foundation was established in 2006, in memory of Philip C. Lamka. FACES reflects, acknowledges, and advocates for the many “faces” of those living with, and caring for, patients with life threatening lung diseases: the patients; their support network of close family and friends; and those unsung heroes in the respiratory profession, who understand that each breath matters.

Make A Nomination

To nominate a Respiratory Therapist that has made an outstanding difference in the life of your loved one, contact one of the following DMC Respiratory Care Departments.

Detroit Receiving Hospital 313-745-3110 Nomination Form
DMC Surgery Hospital 248-733-2324 Nomination Form
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital 248-937-3468 Nomination Form
Harper University Hospital 313-745-8516 Nomination Form
Children’s Hospital of Michigan 313-745-5202 Nomination Form
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan 313-993-8559 Nomination Form
Sinai-Grace Hospital 313-966-4593 Nomination Form
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