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Health Tip: Avoid Food-Safety Mistakes

(HealthDay News) -- Do the wrong thing while you're preparing food, and you and your family could become sick.

The website mentions these common food-safety mistakes:

  • Never taste food to see if it's still good, because you may not be able to taste or smell germs. Instead, throw food out after it expires.

  • Never put cooked meat on the same plate you used for raw meat.

  • Never thaw food on the counter. Instead thaw in the refrigerator, microwave or cold water.

  • Don't wash meat, poultry or eggs. Doing so may spread harmful bacteria.

  • Always refrigerate food within two hours of cooking or eating.

  • Never eat foods that contain raw eggs, such as cookie dough.

  • Make sure meat, eggs, seafood or poultry are thoroughly cooked.

  • Always wash your hands!

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