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Employee Stories

The DMC team is made up of people with great stories of commitment, courage and expertise. Every employee, every staff member, every volunteer is part of the team. Get inspired with their stories.


One of the first physicians nationally to be certified in the treatment of congenital heart disease.

Pooja Gupta, M.D.
For more than 10 years, Dr. Pooja Gupta has provided excellent care to pediatric and adult congenital heart patients. Her dedication to this specialty recently compelled her to earn certification in the treatment of congenital heart disease, making her one of the first physicians nationally to obtain this credential. She is also certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Gupta completed her medical degree at Seth G.S. Medical College in India, fulfilled a residency at St. John Hospital, and a fellowship at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Dr. Gupta’s certification in adult congenital heart disease will serve a critical role as more and more children born with heart defects and diseases survive into adult. Dr. Gupta’s certification in congenital heart disease will help assure that these patients get the specialized heart care and follow up they need as adults.

Dr. Gupta is co-director of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic and an assistant professor of Pediatrics for the Wayne State University School of Medicine. She is also a veteran researcher in pediatric cardiology and is published frequently on topics related to childhood and adolescent heart disease.

“In addition to providing care for his patients, Dr. Siddiqui works to empower them through education about the disease process and treatment strategies, as well as disease manifestation and prevention.”

Mukarram Siddiqui, M.D. is highly skilled in cardiovascular medicine and is dedicated to advancing medical care in this specialty. For more than 10 years, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with medical students, residents, cardiology fellows as well as with his patients and the community.

For the past seven years, he has conducted medical grand rounds and has led annual cardiology conferences for physicians, physician assistants and nurses. His guidance helps these medical professionals stay aware of the latest treatment strategies and the scientific thinking of medical leaders from around the world.

In addition to caring for his patients, Dr. Siddiqui works to educate and empower them about the disease process and treatment strategies, as well as share knowledge about disease manifestation and prevention.

The American College of Cardiology has invited Dr. Siddiqui  to lecture on several topics including atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, sudden cardiac death, and congestive heart failure.

An expert in complicated, high-risk patients, Dr. Siddiqui has participated in several clinical trials, research projects, and numerous physician training videos demonstrating advanced electrophysiology techniques.

Dr. Siddiqui graduated with distinction from India’s Osmania Medical College at Osmania University and completed an internship at Osmania University Hospitals. He completed his residency and a fellowship in Adult Cardiovascular Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine and a fellowship in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology at Henry Ford Hospital. He is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology.

“Human disease transcends social class, ethnicity, nationality – it is the great equalizer.  Every patient I care for should expect to receive the best care and the most compassion that we can offer.  Not only do I want them to feel healthier, I want them to leave with a sense of dignity.”  - Patrick Hines, M.D. PhD.

Patrick Hines, M.D. PhD. Dr. Hines treats critically ill infants and children. The latest medical technology puts lab results, digital x-rays and other critical information at his fingertips, saving precious time. But Dr. Hines also greatly values one of the cornerstones of medicine, face to face interactions and conversations with patients, families and the medical team.

Dr. Hines can honestly say he knows how parents feel, because one night the child coming into the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Emergency room was his own. He recalls it as one of the most humbling experiences of his life and a reminder of what the families of his patients go through. “It is with that humility that I strive to give my patients the level of care that I would expect my own child to receive,” he says.

A love of science and the desire to care for people, especially sick children, has kept Dr. Hines committed to his chosen medical specialty of Pediatric Critical Care. He completed medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his residency and a fellowship were at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Board certified in pediatric critical care, Dr. Hines is an Assistant Professor, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and an Associate in the Department of Physiology at Wayne State University School of Medicine.


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