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Mar 24 2010
DMC ER Wait Time Campaign Launch
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This past week, the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) had launched a new "Current ER Wait Times" advertising campaign. This campaign is all about the new feature on the DMC.org website that displays the most current ER wait times (via the on-screen digital ER clocks) for the hospitals of DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, DMC Surgery Hospital, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, and DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital.

Starting this week, the DMC will be rolling out radio ads on our local Michigan stations and also will have some of Michigan's favorite on-air talent periodically provide current wait times during the morning and afternoon drives. Also this week, one of the five hospital wait times will flash on electronic billboards on the major freeways of I-96 and M-39. Additional campaign elements, including TV and transit advertising, will be rolled out next week.

Detroit Medical Center is the only hospital system in Michigan providing this information on-line because we think it's important to know before you go to the ER what your wait time will be, and if we are backed up, the online current wait times will let you know.

For more information, please visit

To hear the ER radio ad now, click on this link.

Or, listen for the spot on these local Michigan stations:

92.3 FM WMXD
97.9 FM WJLB
1200 AM WCHB
105.9 FM WDMK
950 AM WWJ
760 AM WJR
97.1 FM WXYT
  96.3 FM WDVD
93.1 FM WDRQ
100.3 FM WNIC
95.5 FM WKQI
101.1 FM WRIF
94.7 FM WCSX
99.5 FM WYCD


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