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DMC Nursing Research Council

 The goals of the DMC Nursing Research Council are to: 
  • Stimulate nursing knowledge about and interest in research  
  • Facilitate the conduct of clinical research
  • Approve proposed nursing studies
  • Foster the dissemination of research findings
Nursing research must have Nursing Research Council approval prior to seeking DMC and IRB approvals. Nurse researchers are expected to submit the following information for review electronically to Dr. Meg Campbell (m.campbell@wayne.edu) by the last Tuesday of each month to be considered for the next council meeting’s agenda. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Application Process:

Submit all of the following directly to Dr. Campbell: 

1. DMC Nursing Research Council Application

Electronic copy of proposal
No more than 15 pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt font, not including references.

       -Must include the following sections; 
         Background, Purpose, Methods (Design, Sample, Setting, Protocol, Analysis Plan), Timeline. 

       -Recommended number of pages for each section in your proposal:            
         Background   1-2 pages
         Purpose         ½ page
         Methods        10-13 pages Includes (Design, Sample, Setting, Protocol, Analysis)
         Timeline        ½ - 1 page

3. Letter of Support from the potential DMC Research site;  contact your site representative.



 Approval Process:
The DMC Nursing Research Council will evaluate your proposal to ensure that it meets the following criteria as required by the WSU IRB: 

1. The research design is sound enough to yield the expected knowledge

2. The aims/objectives are likely to be achievable within the given time period

3. The rationale for the proposed number of participants is reasonable

4. The scientific design is described and adequately justified

If your study is approved
, you may proceed with your WSU IRB application and DMC Medical Center Research Review application. To expedite the process, upload your DMC Nursing Research Council approval letter to the DMC Medical Center Research Review website during the application process.

Feedback and suggestions will be provided by the DMC Nursing Research Council if your study is not approved.


After approval, investigators are also required to submit progress reports to the DMC Nursing Research Council at 6 months and at completion of study.

DMC Nursing Research Council Members:

The DMC Nursing Research Council is comprised of DMC Advanced Practice Nurses (one or more from each DMC site) and a WSU researcher/consultant.The current members of the DMC Nursing Research Council are listed below and they are available to assist nurses at any stage in the research process.

Donna Bednarski HUH 
Pamela Mayes RIM
Karen Braun SGH 
Stephanie Prechowski HVSH
Meg Campbell WSU
Toni Grant DMC
Hitomi Kobayashi CHM 
Kirsten Roberts HVSH
Mary Sieggreen HUH
Marci Simon-Burrell HWH
Judy Wheeler DRH

State University Institutional Review Boardhttp://irb.wayne.edu
All research at the DMC is conducted under the continuing oversight of Wayne State University Institutional Review Board (IRB), unless exempted by that IRB in accordance with federal regulation. This mandate obligates application and approval from the Wayne State University Institutional Review Board and the Detroit Medical Center and/or other sites hosting the proposed study. You must complete the mandatory IRB Forms found on the WSU IRB website.  

Students: Even if your study was approved by your university’s institutional review board, you still have to obtain approval from WSU IRB. WSU IRB forms and consent templates must be used in all DMC studies.

Other Requirements

CITI Training is required for all key personnel involved in a study seeking approval of WSU IRB. Modules must be completed prior to submission of Medical/Behavioral Protocol as stipulated on the WSU IRB website.

To access
CITI Training, go to website: http://www.citiprogram.org

1. The first step on the registration page is to select your institution. Please select “
Wayne State UniversityDetroit, MI” (note that Wayne State College is also a choice, this is NOT our site).

2. Once you set up your account, you will be prompted to select the type of research you conduct (or participate in) which will generate the course list you are required to complete. The courses/modules will now be listed on the “Learner’s Menu” page under “My Courses” page.

3. If you have questions about
CITI training courses, please contact a representative from the DMC Nursing Research Council for more information.

Detroit Medical Center Research Review- http://www.dmc.org/ResearchReviewProcess
Clinical investigators must apply for authorization to perform research at DMC sites through this website. The application calls for a $500.00 fee, which is waived for DMC employees. To expedite the process, upload your DMC Nursing Research Council approval letter to the DMC Medical Center Research Review website during the application process.

-How to Write a Research Proposal

-DMC Faculty Scholar Award-Contact Dr. Campbell at m.campbell@wayne.edu for further information.

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