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What our patients say about DMC Heart Hospital

DMC Heart Hospital is dedicated to improving the quality of life for every patient who enters our doors. Here are a few comments from patients, in their own words, about the difference it has made in their lives. Read more.

Racing To Save a Life
With a dangerous arterial blood clot growing worse by the hour, Milford resident Mary Collins had nearly stopped breathing. But then a team of specially trained cardiac specialists at DMC Heart Hospital stepped in with a new “clot-busting” procedure they’d devised themselves...and the battle to keep Mary alive began in earnest. Read more.
With Her Life in Danger, Every Second Counted
When 49-year-old Colleen Gubow developed a life-threatening blood clot in her lungs, an eagle-eyed team of DMC physicians quickly put together a carefully designed medical strategy they hoped would save her life. But would they be able to implement it before time ran out? Read more.

Saving Violet
When 89-year-old Violet Whitmore arrived at DMC Heart Hospital by ambulance on that “unforgettable” morning last May, she was “absolutely terrified”.  Feeling dizzy and light-headed due to a massive coronary artery blockage that was starving her heart for oxygen, she couldn’t help wondering if her life was about to end. Read more.
Traveling Man
 Increasingly hobbled by a painful arterial blockage in his right leg, Ervie Word finally got the medical treatment he needed . . .  during a 1,500-mile journey from his native Mississippi to the DMC Heart Hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute.
A Matter of Life and Death
Her legs hurt, and it was getting harder to walk. At first she thought it might be arthritis – nothing more threatening than the “aches and pains” that accompany old age. But soon she was gasping for air and trying not to faint. What Marie Quirk didn’t know was that she’d developed a massive blood clot in her lungs, and that the odds against her survival were growing larger by the hour. Read more.
Close to Death, Lung Clot Patient Survived After High-Tech “Catheterization” at DMC
As soon as the Port Huron doctors diagnosed Barb’s PE, they called for an ambulance that would rush her to the DMC Heart Hospital – the only healthcare facility in Michigan with a program already in place to specifically treat pulmonary embolism. Read more
When the PE Patient’s Heart Failed, The DMC Medical Team . . . Didn’t
Charles E. Peirce, a retired Michigan high school teacher, had just been hit by a pulmonary embolism (PE). That wasn’t good. But when the right side of his heart also stopped working, his chances of survival appeared to be nil.
Read more.
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implants Produce Better Outcomes than Traditional Open-Heart Surgery
DMC is home to a nationally-recognized valve replacement program, focused on percutaneous valve replacement research and care. Read more.
Struggling with a Deadly Pulmonary Embolism, He was rescued by the DMC “Clotbuster” Team
For Walled Lake resident Thomas J. Grossman, survival depended on a catheterization-based procedure that’s currently available nowhere else in Michigan.  Read more.  
When Matthew Oliver’s Lungs Stopped Working, The DMC “Clot Busters” Knew Exactly What to Do 
 He was gasping for air. Would he faint? He didn’t know it, right then, but he’d just been hit by a “pulmonary embolism” – a massive blood clot in the lungs that often kills those it attacks. Read more. 




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