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Medical Treatment

The epilepsy experts at the DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program and Wayne State University collaborate to develop individualized treatment plans that may go beyond medical or surgical treatments. Treatment plans may include social, psychological and psychiatric services as well as medical and surgical treatment.

Whenever possible, medical treatment of epilepsy is preferred over surgical treatment. The epilepsy experts at the DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program have extensive experience in choosing the antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) best suited for particular types of epilepsy.

In most cases, a single AED will be effective in seizure control. If the first choice of AED results in significant side effects or inadequate seizure control, changing to another appropriate drug may be recommended. However, if a second AED does not work, the chance of a third, a fourth or a fifth drug working is small. In these cases, the patient may be a candidate for Phase II evaluation and possible surgical treatments.
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