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Neurosurgical Research at Detroit Medical Center

The neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital and Wayne State University aren’t satisfied with the way things are. They’re constantly looking for better ways to treat patients with complex neurological disorders. Through research and clinical trials, Harper neurosurgeons are helping to develop new neurosurgical procedures.

Brain Tumor and Epilepsy Research
Neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital and Wayne State University are investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in tumor growth and epileptogenesis. They are also working on novel approaches to treat malignant gliomas, such as the use of gene therapy and immunotherapy after surgery.

Obesity Treatments
Neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital and Wayne State University are studying deep brain stimulation of the areas of the brain responsible for hunger and satiation. This innovative treatment may someday be an effective treatment for obesity.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Harper neurosurgeons are collaborating with teams of medical and basic scientists to study stem cell transplantation as a possible treatment for spinal cord injuries.

Stroke Management
Researchers are investigating motor cortex stimulation as a way to manage the effects of a stroke. Motor cortex stimulation involves implantation of an array of electrodes over the motor cortex region of the brain.

Cervical Disc Replacement
Neurosurgeons at Harper University Hospital are investigating this ground-breaking surgical procedure for treatment of cervical disc disease. Harper is one of the few centers around the country involved in this clinical trial.
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