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DMC 61 Day Challenge

61 Days Intro from Detroit Medical Center on Vimeo.

Take the Pledge Today
The 61 Day Challenge is a health education campaign focusing on fitness, nutrition, health education and commitment to living a healthier life. It is an annual community program with a 61 day focus on healthy lifestyle management. Individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds participating in the challenge are encouraged to Take the Pledge, promising to make healthy changes in their life. 
Take more steps • Eat more fruit • Eat more vegetables • Eat less sugar • Be more active • No soda (or other sugary drinks)

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here to enroll in the 61 Day Challenge health tracking tool to help you on your journey.



How the 61 Day Challenge Began

Starting in 2012, the first challenge was a No Soda Pop in November campaign. For the 30 days in November, participants were asked to not drink soda pop. The 2012 Say No to Soda Pop campaign received national attention as hundreds of local Detroiters took the pledge and gave up the unhealthy sugary drink for the month of November.

Building on the success of 2012, the 2013 challenge added another healthy step for participants to work toward: No Fried Foods. The campaign was also extended to include the month of December and was renamed as the 61 Day Challenge. Adding December was chosen because most Americans increase their caloric intake during this time of year due to holiday celebrations, and we hope to provide the support needed to maintain a healthy diet during events often filled with sugary, fried foods.

2014 continued the trend of adding healthy steps for participants, bringing the pledge to four items: no soda pop, no fried foods, no sweets and increased physical activity. The year's challenge was dubbed, Less Sugar, More Steps, and was a success throughout the community.

2015 continued the trend of adding healthy steps for participants, bringing the pledge to five items: no soda pop, no fried foods, no sweets, increased physical activity and eat more fruit.

In 2016, your challenge is to eat more vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet and are rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and water. But the hard facts tell us that less than 30% of us – that’s seven out of every ten Americans – are eating the recommended 5-A-Day servings.









































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